Who do you buy from?

With me! My name is Pascal and I founded Sprezzi Fashion At the end of 2016 alongside my marketing studies. At that time I was looking for individual, high-quality and yet inexpensive men's jewelry that stood out from the usual costume jewelry of the well-known fashion and jewelry chains. After I couldn't find any accessories that met my expectations, I started making the first bracelets for myself and my friends ... combined with my interest in marketing and e-commerce, Sprezzi Fashion was finally born.

E.A few years, many experiences and packages later, my team and I think much bigger and want to equip every style-conscious man with our jewelry. I would be happy if you are next!

Our products

Our collection now consists of bracelets, bangles, rings, storage for watches and jewelry as well as accessories for jewelry care. Everything from a single source and everything designed in the south of Germany!

Our accessories are modern, reduced to the essentials and of high quality. We manufacture our accessories in small editions, mostly by hand and with a lot of passion. Proven materials such as: 925 sterling silver, real leather, stainless steel and natural stones are used, which make every piece of jewelery a truly unique piece. Due to the size of our team, the proximity to production and to our customers, we develop new designs quickly and in short intervals that take up the current trends, but are still timeless.

The "Sprezzi®" brand

Anyone who wears jewelry from Sprezzi Fashion has understood that the little details, not just in fashion, often make all the difference. With our jewelry, one should be able to stand out in style. We break with the deadlocked conventions and the commonplace of traditional manufacturers. Sprezzi stands for creativity, casualness and enjoyment of the individuality of fashion.

We look forward to welcoming you to our store!

Many greetings, Pascal