The perfect storage for every luxury watch: watch rolls made of high-quality leather

who one Luxury clock of well-known brands such as Rolex, Omega or Breitling calls his own, has opted for a special piece of quality. In general, it doesn't matter whether you wear the watch every day or see it as a collector's item, when not in use you should ensure that it is stored properly. In this case, real watch lovers use the so-called Watch Rolls or "Watch Rolls".

Tip: You will find this special one with us Leather watch box in a very wide range. Various colours, designs and sizes in outstanding quality are available for you here and enable you to optimum protection for your watch.

Die perfekte Aufbewahrung für deine Luxusuhr: Uhrenrollen aus hochwertigem LederWhat exactly is behind a watch roll?

A watch roll is a high-quality, stable way to safely store valuable luxury watches. These are made of leather, for example, and have a kind of cushion inside. By placing your watch around this cushion, you protect the materials and allow for long-term safe accommodation. Close the roll and take it directly to hand if necessary. As in our case, the cushions can be removed individually, allowing the watch to be inserted and removed quickly and easily. In addition, the cushions are soft enough to adapt to different sizes, or rather lengths of the bracelets. 

Leather Watch Roll for 3 Watches

The use of the role offers you these advantages

It's a combination of that practical use and the design, which recommends using a roll to keep your watches safe. However, the focus here is on protecting the valuable object. With sometimes several thousand euros, the watches of the brands Tudor and Co. represent a far-reaching investment. In the interest of value retention and to protect the optics, it is therefore advisable to store the watch in a roll. This reliably protects the valuable watch from dust, dirt or scratches and ensures optimal care. Especially if you want to take your watch collection with you when you travel. For this purpose, the wheels rely on a combination of a robust outside (finest saffiano leather) and a soft inside (delicate goatskin). The sturdy stainless steel snaps ensure a tight closure without touching the watch.

The look is another important factor. This comes into its own in a comprehensive collection with several watches from the upper price segment. We also recommend roles with space for several watches. These can be stowed away sorted, for example by manufacturer or assigned to a specific series.

Braune Uhrenbox Leder

Choosing the right materials is important

The right materials ensure the efficient protection of valuable watches. We recommend you to use the real wheels handverarbeitetem Leader. This is a natural material that is characterized by outstanding resilience, an attractive feel and an appealing look. In addition, the colors: black, brown, blue, green, etc. can be perfectly adapted to the dial or the bracelet of your watch.

What is "Saffiano Leather"?

This is good for this, for example Saffiano Leader. This offers optimal conditions for safe storage thanks to its comprehensive properties. A special wax coating makes the material insensitive to stains, water or scratches. The watch is therefore comprehensively protected. At the same time, you can rely on an attractive look that results from the special Saffiano leather. This results from a special sheen and diagonal lines as well as a cross-hatch pattern. The material, often used by well-known fashion labels, gives the role and thus the entire watch collection a attractive and elegant look.

Uhrenrolle aus LederDue to the easy handling, you always have your watch at hand!

The roles turn out to be special practical possibility for storage your watch or watch collection. If you not only collect a comprehensive watch collection, but also wear it regularly in everyday life, you will benefit from the easy handling. When not in use, stretch the watch on the soft cushion. This can of course be inferred. Thanks to the large opening of the roll and a secure mechanism, you can stow the watch away safely in the evening and have it ready to hand the next morning.

Color and size - collectors are free to choose

However, the watch box in a special form is also aimed at collectors and enthusiasts. The special watch storage allows a safe accommodation of all collectibles. The wide selection of different variants also makes a major contribution to this.

This starts with the size of the case. Variants for one or more watches are equally available. Anyone who owns a comprehensive collection with many specimens should go straight to the multiple variants. This maintains an overview and enables targeted sorting. Different colors however, cater to different tastes. The special saffiano leather, for example, can be easily dyed. The range of rolls for you as a watch collector is correspondingly varied and colourful.

Uhrenaufbewahrung Reisebox

Always with you - the role as travel case watches

If you always want to have your valuable collector's items with you, the rolls prove to be a practical travel case for watches. These act as a travel box, protect the watches efficiently and at the same time take up little space in the luggage. The secure closure also prevents accidents and enables you to transport it reliably.

Give your luxury watch the home it deserves! Find your watch case now.

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