5 reasons for the hype about bracelets made of 925 silver!

Wearing jewelry is a matter of personal taste and preference. It is no longer just women who wear jewellery, modern men also have a jewelery repertoire that includes more than just a watch. Jewelery for the wrist should not be missing. And that's where ours come in stylish bangles for men in the game. If Sterling silver bangles, a vintage bangle, a massive bangle or a minimalist bangle - the range of exclusive treasures is diverse and every gentleman is sure to find the right piece of jewelery that encloses his wrist, caresses it and sets accents. We make jewelery dreams come true for men.

History of the Bracelet

Men wore jewelry on their arms and wrists as early as 7,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptians used natural materials such as grass and shells, and later bronze and copper. It was only towards the end of the Bronze Age that men's bracelets were also made of silver and gold. The Greeks and Romans wore bracelets of metal and leather, and during the Renaissance, sweeping gold and silver bracelets were sported over clothing. In the 17th century, it was fashionable to wear a variety of thin bangles, and in the 20th century, mass production brought many variations to market. In the past, silver jewelry was said to have magical powers that protected the wearer from evil spirits.

Vintage Armreif aus 925 Silver

Bracelets in fashion

Silver bracelets for men can be wonderfully combined with your outfit. Do you prefer a timeless, classic design or do you prefer current trends? Do you prefer jewelery to be simple or unusual? The bangle is an accessory that gives every outfit an extra touch and shine. A silver men's bangle can be worn with a classic suit as well as with jeans and a shirt - it perfectly masters the balancing act between business and leisure looks. Thus, a noble 925 silver bracelet belongs in the jewelery box of every gentleman.

With a silver men's bangle, not only can every outfit be styled perfectly, the high-quality silver shine also goes with numerous styles. The boho look, for example, stands for flowing dresses, lots of jewelry and an unconventional, casual lifestyle. This is where vintage jewelery comes into its own. Do you prefer a minimalist bracelet? Then a stylish, filigree piece of jewelery will serve you well. True to the motto "less is more", it focuses on simple accents and completes your fashionable appearance with a timeless design. The minimalist bracelet can also be easily combined with other pieces of jewelry, such as subtle chains, without appearing overloaded. For an extravagant and cool style, our solid real silver bangle comes into play - another highlight that makes men's hearts beat faster.

Armband aus 925 Silber

925 silver bracelets

Originally used for coins and cutlery, silver is now used in all jewelry collections. Traditionally, jewelry is made Sterling silver manufactured. This consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. Silver is easy to shape, so our exquisite sterling silver bangles are produced in many different patterns and structures. In our collection you will find silver bracelets for men hammered, polished, brushed etc. according to taste. Our 925 silver bracelets for men are handmade and are made with great attention to detail. As real jewelery of high quality, the sterling silver men's bangle has enjoyed great popularity for years and it is impossible to imagine the jewelery sector without it.


A silver men's bangle is also an exclusive gift - be it for a partner on an anniversary, a brother on a birthday or as a thank you for a friend. Our silver men's bangles are open at the bottom and can be easily attached. This has the advantage that you can fit on any wrist and that it is very comfortable to wear.


Silver bracelets for men are multi-faceted pieces of jewelery for both everyday life and special occasions. They are robust, but still look elegant and casual. The high-quality silver men's bracelets can be perfectly combined with any outfit, from classic to casual to a business look. Find your favorite piece and make it your personal eye-catcher. Discover our bracelet collection now.


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