Rings for men – what you should know!

Rings for men are trendy. While the small accessory was previously only seen on social outsiders, rockers and rebels, it is now part of the fashion repertoire. Style-conscious younger men in particular like to use rings to emphasize their individual style - and to present themselves as fashion and trend-conscious. But as with any other accessory, there are a few things to consider when it comes to men's rings. We'll tell you the best way to wear rings!

How should men wear rings?

Fortunately, the days of rigid fashion rules are over. As a result, there are no longer any widely accepted norms for wearing rings. You are therefore free to choose how you want to wear your men's ring. However, this does not mean that certain ways of wearing a ring are not associated with certain characteristics or statements. Think of the classic silver or gold ring on the ring finger - almost everyone will assume that you are married or at least engaged. If you do not want to give this impression, it is better not to wear your ring on your ring finger.

From a fashion perspective, the most important thing to remember is that the rings you wear match your clothing and other accessories. However, this is a basic rule of fashion and not specific to men or rings. You should also make sure that the ring fits your hand. If your fingers are rather wide, thin rings don't look particularly nice.

What does a ring on the little finger mean for men?

Have you ever met a man wearing a ring on his little finger? This positioning is rather rare, but by no means completely unusual. The placement of the ring on the little finger does not necessarily have any special significance. Some men wear their ring on their little finger for purely fashion reasons.

Siegelring Sunray Ringe Sprezzi

Traditionally, however, wearing a ring on the little finger had specific meanings. It was particularly widespread as a statement of belonging to a certain religious or social group. On the one hand, the members wore their membership to the outside world and, on the other hand, had an identification mark in their ring.

On which hand do you wear a signet ring?

Signet rings were particularly widespread in the Middle Ages among members of the nobility and wealthy merchants. They indicated that they belonged to a family. What is interesting is that the signet ring is clearly aimed at external impact: it can only be read from one side and is worn in such a way that this is possible from the perspective of the other person. If you take a look at medieval paintings, you will see that signet rings are usually worn on the thumb or index finger. Today, however, this is hardly common anymore and the signet ring is instead - as various Hollywood films reveal - more likely to be on the little finger. Some also wear it on their ring finger.

Klassischer Siegelring mit Stein für Männer aus 925 Sterling Silver Sprezzi Fashion

Where does a man wear a ring?

The previous explanations already reveal that there are various ways to wear rings for men. The finger you choose for your ring may indicate a certain characteristic. So choose carefully. The ring finger in particular is pre-stressed. But it's not just in this respect that you should pay attention to where exactly you wear your ring. There are also genuinely fashionable reasons that speak for or against individual positions.


For example, the right hand is usually stronger than the left because it is used more frequently in everyday life. Dainty rings would look less good here than on the left hand, as there is a contrast to the courageous use of the hand. Conversely, an ostentatiously large ring looks more out of place on the rarely used left hand than on the right.

But don't forget: There are no secret codes for wearing a ring - and fashion is also a matter of taste. Ultimately, wear your ring where you like it best!

How many rings should a man wear?

Rings for men are a great thing - but when is it too much of a good thing? In fact, there are no general rules here either. However, you will quickly reach practical limits: If you wear more than two or three rings on each hand, they will interfere with your everyday life. In addition, more would be quite a visual overload, which should be avoided for fashion reasons. Two or a maximum of three rings per hand are usual. However, the exact number also depends on how eye-catching, large and colorful the rings you choose are.

Conclusion: Rings for men in everyday life

  • Rings for men can now easily be worn in everyday life - almost without being associated with any specific statements beyond fashion.
  • Rings on the ring finger still indicate marriage or engagement.
  • Signet rings are usually worn on the little finger.
  • More than two or a maximum of three rings per hand are usually annoying.
  • Ultimately, it depends on the interaction between the individual overall style and the ring.

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