Current necklaces for men - trends for the season

Anyone who pays respect to the topic of necklaces is currently in trend. Even with the current layering look for necklaces, the maxim applies to men: Less is more. Filigree necklaces are enough to present yourself in a fashionable way. Heavy chain links, on the other hand, appear massive and ostentatious.

The choice of metals for necklaces has been relaxed. The previous taboo of never mixing silver and gold jewelry was lifted. A fashion-conscious man can combine a silver bracelet with a gold chain or a gold signet ring without it being seen as a fashion faux pas. Only in the rap scene do people still show off massive chain links. For style-conscious men, more delicate necklaces that exude unobtrusive elegance are popular.

If you like glitter effects, you can also put a fine glitter chain with diamonds around your neck in 2024. The outfit should look appropriately elegant. On the other hand, men appear inimitably sexy and masculine with striking stainless steel chains with a lobster clasp or a simple, pendant-free chain made of sterling silver. Both go well with casual and loose trousers and oversized tees, as well as with a leisure jacket when things can or have to be a little more chic.

Gold chains with pendants are still in demand. Classic pendant symbols like crosses or zodiac signs never seem to go out of style. How about a black onyx pendant with a silver chain instead? Layered with a silver chain without a pendant, this creates a wonderfully timeless look. A look at the necklaces of prominent trendsetters such as actor Timothée Chalamet or tennis player Alexander Zwerev should encourage people to add more variety to the male jewelry box.

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The influence of celebrities on the necklace trend among men

Robert Pattinson wore a stainless steel Cuban chain with a turtleneck sweater at a Batman press conference. Such chains are available in delicate or massive versions. Depending on the length and weight, this type of chain looks classic, simple and masculine, but if the chain links are too massive, it quickly becomes ostentatious.

If you don't like to wear it too thick, choose a delicate Cuban chain. Former professional footballer David Beckham has always cared about his appearance. This made him a jewelry influencer, not just for his son Brooklyn. They both share a preference for narrow gold chains. David Beckham likes to wear several gold chains in a trendy layered look. David's necklace never looks overloaded, but always masculine.

Everyone can be influenced by this. Fine gold chains can also be combined with silver chains or gold pendant chains in keeping with today's freedom of style. Singer Harry Styles, as a fashion influencer, relies on different necklaces. His trademark has become the pearl necklace , which was previously only available to women. Pearl necklaces look so fabulous on Harry that they should be identified as unisex jewelry.

Just like his colleague A$AP Rocky, Harry Styles occasionally poses for photographers with an oversized bling on his chain. When it comes to fashion, Harry is a style influencer. He wears traditionally feminine or typically masculine pieces of jewelry with a casual attitude. Numerous celebrity exes appreciated Harry's style-shaping influence.

Fellow actor Jared Leto is considered a Gucci muse because of his unusual fashion taste. Jared has a passion for unusual jewelry. He favors delicate and extra-long gold chains that have a pendant. With Jared, you can assume that he prefers precious metal chains. If you want to be seen on the beach with a similar look on your bare chest, you should pay special attention to the chain clasp.

If you combine a necklace with an Old Money style ring , you're doing everything right.

Layering necklaces

Jewelry layering means combining two or more men's necklaces. Two necklaces are ideal, one of which is slightly longer than the other. Whether two chains without a pendant but with chain links of different widths are combined or one necklace with and one without a pendant does not matter much.

Combining a heavy and bulky Cuban chain with a very delicate men's chain doesn't go well. The layering Lool can be optimally implemented with three necklaces that are slightly different in length, but above all have different styles. The advantage is that with this men's jewelry you can wear each necklace individually or combine them.

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Our chain jewelry sets show how to correctly implement the trendy layering style with two or three necklaces. Silver has a more understated effect than gold. It is also more versatile to combine with polo shirts or fine knit sweaters. In this example, every man with an affinity for jewelry can see how the desired effect can be achieved with the layering look.

As always when it comes to fashion, eye control is extremely important. A necklace draws attention to the upper body and face. If a necklace should be the focus of men's jewelry, a man should not distract the eye with eye-catching earrings, watches and bracelets.

5 reasons why you should wear a necklace:
  1. Delicate precious metal chains are in vogue
  2. Similar long necklaces create a layered look
  3. Men with necklaces do not appear less masculine
  4. When it comes to men's jewelry, necklaces are a fashion highlight
  5. The boundaries between men's and women's necklaces are becoming blurred.

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