Finding the correct ring size - All tips and tricks

In addition to individual taste, the ring size plays a central role in choosing the right piece of jewelry. With us you will find out how you can easily determine the optimal size for your ring. At the same time, we will show you in the international size table which ring size is right for you.  

Determine the ring size yourself - use appropriate tools

You don't need a professional ring sizer, you can measure the ring size yourself with the right tools. This is particularly easy with a so-called multisizer ring, also known as a ring sizer . This construction is basically a tape measure. To measure the ring size, carefully place the tape measure around your finger so that it sits loosely. The finger circumference measured in this way corresponds to the size you need to buy a gold or silver ring. The ring size is usually read from the number that is displayed in the middle of the magnifying glass/loupe on the tape measure. We offer you a practical ring measurer directly in our shop.

Further options for determining the ring size

Whether it's a signet ring for men or an elegant, classic men's ring, you don't have to use a tape measure to determine the right size. You can also find out the size using a conventional ruler. It's best to use this together with an existing ring, which can serve as a guide. This tool is particularly suitable for a planned gift from the women's or men's jewelry category, as your finger is not needed. You place the ring on the template or ruler and determine the right value (inside diameter), which can then be used as the EU ring size when shopping. The best way to read the size using the measured units is to use the size chart with the internationally standard ring sizes. You can find the chart in the next section!

How-To - Measure ring size:

Do you already have a ring that fits perfectly? 

👉🏻 Measure the inner diameter of your ring with a ruler and multiply the inner diameter by 3.14 . The result is your finger circumference and also the EU ring size .


Inner diameter = 19.1mm.

19,1mm x 3,14 = 60mm (EU Ringgröße "60")

Already have a ring? Then use one of these handy apps to determine the size:

Important tips for correctly measuring the ring size

The most important thing is choosing the right finger . Always measure the size you need on the finger you will be wearing the ring on. Also note the different values, which vary greatly throughout the day. We therefore recommend taking several measurements at different times of the day and then determining the average for a particularly meaningful result. It may be necessary to convert the ring size. We will be happy to help you with this using the size chart below and are available via chat or email to answer any further questions you may have. You can see the international ring sizes and their corresponding values at a glance using the table. The table is a valuable aid in determining the ring size on the way to buying your new favorite ring , especially because of the different sizes used in several countries.

Internationale Ring Größentabelle

5 ways to measure ring size

  1. Using a ring sizer:A ring sizer is a special tool, which is available in jewelry stores or online. It consists of a range of rings in different sizes that the customer can try out to find the right size. One can also use an existing ring sizer to determine the size of an existing ring.

  2. Measuring with a flexible tape measure: A flexible tape measure can also be used to determine the ring size. You wrap the tape measure around the finger for which the ring is intended and read the circumference in millimeters. This circumference can then be compared with a ring size table to determine the appropriate ring size.

  3. DIY measurement methods:There are also some DIY methods to measure the ring size. One option is to wrap a thread or strip of paper around your finger and then mark the length. The length can then be measured with a ruler and looked up in the ring size table. Another method is to place an existing ring on a piece of paper and measure the inside diameter with a ruler. This diameter can then also be compared with a ring size table to find the right size.

  4. Using apps for ring size determination: There are also practical apps such as "Ring Sizer & Ruler" or "Ring Sizer by Jason Withers", which can help determine the ring size. These apps use different methods to measure the size of the finger and the existing ring and then output the corresponding ring size.

  5. Measurement with a conventional ruler: Alternatively, you can also use a conventional ruler Ruler can be used to determine the ring size. To do this, an existing ring is placed on the ruler and the inner diameter of the ring is measured. This diameter is then multiplied by 3.14 to determine the finger circumference and at the same time the EU ring size.

Order your ring gauge now and measure your ring size!


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