Men's jewelry for every clothing style: How to find pieces that suit you!

Men's jewelry is no longer taboo. Whether you're a manager, an outdoorsman or a big-city partygoer: you can show who you are with an elegantly placed piece of jewelry. Rings, necklaces or bracelets are style-conscious statements. However, for most men, the following still applies: less is more. In the following article you will learn more about how you can cleverly use jewelry and accessories from Sprezzi Fashion so that they underline your style.

Use men's jewelry as an eye-catching statement piece

Men still see eye-catching pieces of jewelry as something special. A select piece, such as a ring with a striking stone , is therefore an excellent statement piece. Statement pieces are particularly eye-catching items of clothing, accessories or pieces of jewelry. With them, you are being offensive and show that you are confident about making a striking appearance and attracting the attention that comes with it. This gives you a more self-confident appearance and makes you appear more attractive and assertive. However, if you decide to wear a statement piece , it is important that you stand by it. If too much attention is not your thing, it makes more sense for you to go for minimalist classics that you integrate “unobtrusively” into your outfit.

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Dare to be more understated: minimalist men's jewelry

Minimalist jewelry is often the best choice for many men, especially when they are trying out jewelry for the first time. An inconspicuous, finely crafted necklace with a pendant worn under your shirt, for example, is a good choice to accentuate the upper part of your outfit. It doesn't matter whether it's a more formal business outfit or more casual leisure wear. By wearing a piece of jewelry that disappears under your shirt, you communicate that you have more to offer than meets the eye. A bracelet that only occasionally appears from under your shirt sleeve is also a good choice in this regard. Practical accessories are minimalist in another way. Sunglasses in particular are real classics in this regard. Without making you appear vain, chic sunglasses allow you to look cool.

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Different colors and materials: men's jewelry is so diverse

Men's jewelry is available in a wide variety of materials and colors. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching statement piece or want to buy a minimalist piece of jewelry, you should think about this in advance. The most common type of men's jewelry is silver-colored, made either from real sterling silver or stainless steel . Silver jewelry is perceived as modern. It makes you radiate intelligence and elegance. But especially if you wear more than one piece of jewelry, silver can also be perceived as a bit cold and too rational. Gold-colored jewelry , on the other hand, appears warmer and more traditional. It also stands for luxury, wealth and success.

Black jewelry is considered particularly elegant. It expresses strength, coolness and power. Many men's jewelry pieces also have a colored application. For example, a stone on a ring or a pendant on a chain. Blue and red stones, for example, are very common. The former represent calm, serenity and intelligence, the latter energy, passion and love.

No matter whether you wear your men's jewelry conspicuously on the outside or as an inconspicuous statement: with your choice of colors and materials you communicate who you are and who you want to be perceived as.

Men's jewelry over the course of life: This is how expectations change

Jewelry is worn by men of all ages. Whether you are just 18 and starting out in life or in the middle of your career: in different phases of life, different pieces of jewelry are the best way to show who you are.

Young men in their 20s usually wear casual, understated pieces. Leather or silver bracelets, for example, and often minimalist earrings or necklaces. With their accessories, they put their personality at the center. From around the age of 30, quality and elegance become more important. The jewelry worn then becomes more inconspicuous, but also of higher quality. Whether it's a wristwatch, a subtle signet ring or a necklace: by buying long-lasting, high-quality jewelry, you show that you know where you stand in life. Men from around 50 increasingly resort to more traditional pieces. Cufflinks, wedding rings or high-quality watches that are worn depending on the occasion. Accessories such as watch boxes and rolls are also becoming more important for men of this age.

What is very important when it comes to age and jewelry is that these classifications are not set in stone. Your jewelry should always please you first and foremost. Whether you are in your mid-40s and would like to wear an eye-catching silver necklace or want to put on cufflinks in your early 20s: Do it! Because no matter how old you are, your jewelry shows who you are. Don't pretend unnecessarily to meet other people's expectations.

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Men's jewellery for everyday use

For many men, jewelry is something they wear on special occasions. Whether at an evening event or a date, the targeted use of jewelry to highlight your outfit and yourself is definitely a smart decision. But what about jewelry in everyday life? Whether at work, while playing sports or while shopping: even if you haven't "dressed up" especially, a subtle piece of jewelry can set exciting accents. For sports or in your free time, sports watches or fabric bracelets are a good choice.

If you want to wear jewelry at work, it depends on the environment. In a white-collar office job, for example, cufflinks or an inconspicuous but stylish watch are ideal. Your wedding ring will of course also be accepted as a piece of jewelry in the office. In other jobs, other subtle jewelry may be an option. Whether special glasses frames, a necklace or even an earring: there are many ways in which you can discreetly highlight your personality.

But, no matter whether you are looking for a special piece for special occasions or are looking for jewelry for everyday life. You will find your men's jewelry in the Sprezzi online shop. Just take a look around!

What is important when choosing men's jewelry?

  1. You have to want to wear eye-catching jewelry. Don't unnecessarily choose a statement piece if you feel uncomfortable with showing off a piece of jewelry that's too flashy.
  2. The best way to emphasize understatement is with minimalist pieces. They show that you are more than your outfit.
  3. Most men's jewelry preferences change over the course of their lives. This results in certain rules for what is socially acceptable. But: Fashion rules are always there to be broken.
  4. Silver-colored jewelry is the norm in men's jewelry. They are elegant and modern. Of course, you can create clearer accents with other colors and materials.
  5. Men's jewelry isn't just for special occasions. In everyday life, however, you should opt for subtle pieces.

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