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There has been a lot of discussion lately about the Old Money Style Trend. Younger people in particular, who like to call themselves Generation Z or are referred to as such by the media, love this trend. He became known and popular primarily through social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Many people wonder what's so special about it.

In any case, the media attention shows that this style leaves a lasting impression on fashion-conscious people. Perhaps it is therefore important to describe this fashion trend in more detail.

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What is Old Money Style?

This fashion style can be traced back to the fashion of the so-called "old rich" or "the old money". This refers to the wealth that the older generation achieved through hard (usually classic industrial) work and entrepreneurial risk. In the past, only people who dared to do something and worked hard for it became rich. This wealth was then passed down through (family) generations. Therefore, they differ significantly from the so-called nouveau riche. They achieved their prosperity through other fortunate circumstances (new) and often through new economic sectors. For the newly rich, wealth is not part of the family tree, the DNA. Rather, it is the story of “rags to riches” that is told here. The Old Money Style Trend is therefore not only a homage to the wealth of the old rich, but also a sign of clear distinction from the people >Nouveau richeand their extravagant style. However, that doesn't always have to be the case. There are also various other reasons to choose this style and play with it consciously.

What is Old Money Style Fashion?

The clothing in this trend is strongly based on the style of older, wealthy people. For example, men like to wear pleated trousers, shirts and sweaters. This also includes sweaters made of high-quality wool that are casually thrown over the shoulder. Women wear pleated skirts or dresses with noticeable button placket. Popular colors include white, blue and of course gray. The cut of the clothing is usually rather simple and plain. The young people dress as if they were members of a rich family dynasty. Particularly important for all items of clothing in this trend is the high quality and the absence of large logos and prints. You don't show what you have through the brand logo, but rather the cut, design, quality and combination of the clothing. The newly rich, on the other hand, often want to make it clear that they now belong in the world of the rich. And the brand logo can often not be visible and intrusive enough for this. You show what you have (now).

Quiet Luxury matters

The term Quiet Luxury stands for unobtrusive luxury and is often used in direct connection with Old Money Style. Another term for this trend is Stealth Wealth. This stands for invisible prosperity. This means that all fashion and accessories are rather subtle. Nobody wants to be seen as a dazzling show business figure. In earlier times, not everyone could be seen as having a certain level of wealth. There are now a lot of manufacturers that produce fashion and accessories in the Old Money style. Demand is high, so quiet luxury brands such as Loro Piana, Jil Sander and Bottega Veneta are currently making high profits.

Old Money Style Armbänder Sprezzi Fashion

Old Money Style Schmuck

Of course, there are also interesting accessories to match this extravagant fashion. Old Money Style men's jewelry is particularly popular. It is very minimalist jewelry, which also includes high-quality rings made of silver and gold . These were very popular with many wealthy men in earlier times and have always been a symbol of luxury and family dynasty. But subtle bracelets are also part of Old Money Style jewelry. These are usually also made of silver or gold and have a very subtle appearance. In the Old Money Style look, a ostentatious design is frowned upon. Everything looks high-quality and classy but never ostentatious or boastful.

Designer jewelry from Germany in high quality

There are also beautiful pieces of jewelry for men with which they can express their individual style. Subtle accessories round off a fashionable outfit perfectly . Rhodium-plated silver jewelry is very popular. It looks very classy and is robust at the same time. Non-rhodium-plated silver jewelry discolors slightly over time. The shine also disappears. It is different if the jewelry is sealed with rhodium. Then it not only retains its shine for longer, but it is also less sensitive to scratches or chemical stress. Untreated silver jewelry sometimes suffers from reactions with body care products or when bathing in salt water. Rhodium-plated jewelry is much more durable. This of course also applies to Old Money Style jewelry .

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Who is Old Money Style jewelry suitable for?

This style is suitable for every man who is fashion-conscious and attaches great importance to his external appearance. It doesn't just have to be people who want to use their style to make a clear statement against newly rich people and their extroverted style. Since it is a fashion that basically only consists of high-quality clothing and accessories, it can also be used to demonstrate your personal affinity for high-quality products and craftsmanship. It should always be noted that not everyone wants to spread a social or political message with their clothing style. Many people who like the old money style look simply prefer clothing and jewelry that is high quality, durable and therefore more sustainable.

The high-quality Old Money Style men's jewelry is not only suitable for young people who are enthusiastic about all the new trends from social media platforms. Many older men also prefer the particularly attractive Old Money Style jewelry.

Everything you need to know about Old Money Style:

  1. The Old Money Style trend, which has become particularly popular on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, is particularly popular with younger people in Generation Z.
  2. This fashion style is based on the clothing of the old rich, with quality and simple elegance being the focus and a distinction to the extravagant new rich.
  3. The fashion of this trend includes classic garments such as pleated trousers and high-quality sweaters for men as well as pleated skirts and dresses with eye-catching button placket for women, preferably in the colors white, blue and gray.
  4. The term "Quiet Luxury" or "Stealth Wealth" is used in connection with this trend to focus on understated luxury and unobtrusive wealth.
  5. To match the extravagant fashion, there are also subtle accessories such as minimalist jewelry, especially high-quality rings made of silver and gold as well as subtle bracelets that perfectly complement the old money style.

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