Your constant companion: silver necklaces for men

Why are necklaces the ultimate men's jewelry!

Ketten für Herren aus Silber

Necklace with pendant

One of the most exciting trend topics is men's jewelry, which underlines the personality of the wearer and expresses a special kind of attitude to life. Fortunately, the days when only watches were seen as true pieces of jewelry for men are long gone. Nowadays, the chains of bygone times have been broken and the newfound freedom is truly celebrated with modern men's jewelry. The men's jewelry for fashion-conscious men includes necklaces, which are available in a wide variety of versions for every situation.

Link chains for men – an overview of the different versions

Whether in pure form or as a chain with a pendant for men, link chains are among the most popular chains for men. There are different variants to choose from, such as the plait chain , the Figaro chain and the Belcher chain . All of them are characterized by a strand of interlocking rings, disks or beads that make up the whole thing. Link chains are a bit like life: sometimes the right things have to come together first - and then it becomes perfect.

Figaro Streetwear Halskette für Männer

Figaro necklace

The anchor chain , also known as a cable chain , is one of the most popular chains for men and consists of oval chain links. Worn alone, the anchor chain is less associated with a specific statement, but the cable chain can easily be supplemented with a cross, a coin or a pendant. If you choose a men's necklace made of 925 silver , you are wearing a designer necklace for men with a lasting value that lasts like an anchor and provides support.

The Panzer Chain, also known as the Curb Chain, uses flat chain links. Urban and streetwear style looks, among other things, are often showcased with chunky, thick tank chains. One of the most sought-after variants of the curb chain is the Cuban chain, which is known to many as the Cuban link chain. One of the most popular ways to display the Cuban Chain necklace is to simply let it speak for itself. However, the Cuban Chain can easily be combined with a pendant to create a chain with a pendant for men.

Curb Kette Männer

Cuban necklace

The oval chain links of the braid chain are connected to each other in one direction and simply look like a braid. Compared to the curb chain, the plait chain is a little more subtle and unobtrusive. As a 925 sterling silver chain, this chain for men has a special elegance.

Zopf Halskette für Männer

Rope necklace

The name alone suggests that the roots of the Figaro chain lie in Italy. The title character of the famous Italian opera “The Barber of Seville” was a decisive factor in the naming. The flat oval links create a specific pattern that is characteristic of the Figaro chain. In the classic form, a large chain link is followed by two to three shorter links.

Halsketten Set für Männer

Figaro and Box Necklace

Necklaces for men - the advantages of silver chains

Designer necklaces for men come in a wide variety of materials, such as stainless steel, gold and silver. 925 Sterling Silver chains are particularly popular – and for good reason. Because silver chains are resistant, have an attractive appearance and are also associated with a high material value. The perfect daily companion!

Additionally, various studies have shown that silver chains are even associated with health benefits. For example, silver is said to help with internal heat regulation and circulation.

Men's necklaces made of 925 silver always consist of 92.5% of the valuable precious metal silver and therefore have a constant value.

If you want to buy necklaces for men, you should definitely consider 925 sterling silver chains given all the advantages.

For a clear statement: necklaces with pendants for men

Symbolic pendants are ideal for adding a sporty, masculine touch to your everyday look or completing your business outfit with style. Whether a necklace with a compass pendant, a necklace with a feather pendant or a necklace with a pendant for engraving, the range is as varied and impressive as they are personality of a man.

Finding your own path in life and following it is a special challenge and a question of your inner compass. A necklace with a massive compass pendant may not show the right direction, but it can give you a special feeling. When you feel the necklace with a compass pendant on your skin, remind yourself that you are the compass in your life.

Kompass Symbol Halskette aus 925 Silber

Compass necklace

A necklace with a pendant for engraving gives you space for more individuality. Would you like to keep the initials of the person who really means a lot to you close to your heart? The engraving area is your canvas that you can design according to your ideas. In the form of a silver chain, the necklace for men looks even more elegant. 

The different pendants have different meanings. While the necklace with a feather pendant represents freedom, anchor necklaces symbolize stability, security and hope. A designer necklace for men with a cross regularly expresses a connection to spirituality and the Christian faith. Silver necklaces with a coin are considered legendary and are said to bring the wearer luck and wealth.

As you can see, a necklace for men is much more than just a fashion accessory, but an expression of your personal vision and values.

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