The rings guide for men - from vintage to modern

Men wear jewelry – more and more men are confidently and proudly presenting what they like fashionably and what they feel comfortable with. In addition to necklaces and bracelets, rings are particularly popular

Herrenring aus Silber und Gold

We have a large selection of cool rings for men that impress with both their workmanship and attractive design. Wear a men's ring to underline your personality and express your style and attitude to life through your choice of jewelry.

Men's rings - different types at a glance

Whether classic or modern, gold or silver, with stone or engraving, we will explain the different rings for men to you. Every single piece of jewelry has its charm, but it only really comes into its own on your hand.

Silberringe Siegelringe Männer

A signet ring – refined with stones or engraving, which do you choose? The signet ring, or Signet Ring, was once considered a symbol of power and authority for wealthy men; important documents were even signed with the ring. The signet ring was passed on to the next wearer within the family. Today the signet ring is a statement – ​​your state

A classic or minimalist ring – simple and elegant. If the ring has a round and narrow shape, then it is traditional and elegant. The material can be gold or sterling silver - both precious metals shine wonderfully and will accompany you for many years to come.

Moderner Siegelring

Modern ring – different variants. Fashionable rings can be worn for almost any occasion and attract attention. Wide rings are particularly eye-catching; they are available in matt, shiny or coated. Stand by your favorite, the ring speaks for itself.

Silver or gold – timeless accessories complement your styling. A silver ring or a gold-plated ring, both variants are popular as men's rings and can be worn flexibly. In our collection you will find a diverse selection from single rings to rings with stones that will showcase your hands.

Our rings emphasize your uniqueness - some examples

Sometimes you're maneuvering through heavy storms, then you're navigating a light breeze. Keeping your life ship on course is often very difficult.

Siegelring Silber Herren

The Compass Ring is a gold or silver signet ring with a symbol because it helps you through difficult times in your life.

Siegelring mit Onyx Stein schwarz

The Onyx Ring is also particularly popular with men because the black stone and the shiny silver complement each other so well. With this ring on your hand you express your own individuality, at the same time the stone gives you increased self-confidence.

Tigerauge Ring Siegelring

A ring with a tiger's eye stone exudes a special magic because the gemstone shines with its golden shimmer. When you wear the tiger's eye ring, you feel a special power, which is why this piece of jewelry is so mysterious. The jewelry known as the Tigereye Ring is more than usual because it gives you a special charisma.

Lapislazuli Siegelring blau

Our ring with lapis lazuli stone is made for beautiful hands. It is a model made of sterling silver, more precisely it is a 925 silver ring, gold-plated with real gold. The solid production without cavities has the advantage that the ring is easier to clean. You can wear the ring with stone for any occasion and demonstrate your good taste.

A pinky ring that you wear on your little finger is really clever. Maybe you've already noticed this trend and are missing a ring like this in your jewelry collection. You can get the Pinky Ring in different variations as a signet ring with natural stone, with engraving, for engraving or minimalist. Wear your pinky ring in combination with a vintage ring or silver ring.

With us you will find your favorite ring - the options at a glance

The signet ring for men is available as a signet ring with stone, a classic signet ring for engraving or a vintage signet ring.

In particular, the silver signet ring, a signet ring made of 925 silver or the gold signet ring can be ideally provided with an engraving plate. A coat of arms, a monogram or a name are suitable for engraving.

The stone is always flat and engravable. The shapes are round, oval, rectangular or square. In terms of color, a ring with a black onyx stone or a ring with a blue stone, such as lapis lazuli, is the preferred choice. But a ring in a combination of turquoise and silver also impresses with its elegance.

The signet ring is available in round, oval, square or the modern version, the octagon. Whether you prefer the classic signet ring for engraving or the modern shape is entirely your decision. So there are many reasons for a man to wear a signet ring, be it for tradition or prestige.

Find your favorite in our ring collection !

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