Watch roll to protect your watch

Every wristwatch is exposed to countless stresses every day. If it is particularly valuable, you don't always carry it on your arm. This also applies when traveling. To store it, you need a special case that comprehensively protects the valuable timepiece - the so-called watch roll.

A watch roll keeps all harmful influences away from your watch:

  • mechanical damage caused by falling
  • scratch
  • Shocks
  • Dust and dirt
  • Water
  • extreme temperature fluctuations
  • UV radiation

These high-quality cases get their special name because they look like a roll. Owners of luxury watches use them in everyday life, at home and when traveling. They are characterized by a simple but very functional design for space-saving storage. You will discover that they are valuable when you touch them: their feel is truly unique, which is due to the valuable materials. Your watch also deserves some luxury when it comes to storage!

Many advantages of watch rolls

Are you a watch lover? Then you probably don't just own an expensive watch. But you can only carry one, while the others need their fixed place. Put them in a watch box where they are always within reach. You can also store the watch you wear during the day there at night or while you shower. There it lies securely in a special trough and/or locked in a holder.

Luxuriöse Leder Uhrenbox braun Aufbewahrung für bis zu 3 Uhren von Sprezzi Fashion

We recommend watch boxes with holders for travel because the watch is really safe in them. In normal everyday life, protection against dirt, dust, water, shocks, scratches and bright sunlight is very important.

A watch roll brings you these advantages:

  • Best possible protection through softly padded, separate watch inserts if several watches are stored that should not touch each other
  • Unique feel thanks to the highest quality materials
  • High durability thanks to robust fittings, carefully folded edges and manufacturing with first-class craftsmanship
Hochwertige Uhrenbox für eine Uhr aus Kunstleder Grau

Depending on the design, the watch roll can hold between three and five watches. That is why the separate compartments are so important. In the worst case, the watches could also damage each other and should therefore not touch each other. If you only want to keep one watch at a time, the smaller watch box is suitable. Many people take another watch with them when they travel and keep it in the box. Ideally, you should equip yourself with a box for two watches or three watches in case you are not wearing a watch at all.

Equipment of the watch rolls

Watch boxes and rolls are lined with silk, velvet and/or felt. On these particularly soft materials, the watch will not be damaged even if the box falls down, because the interior together with the robust box absorbs the mechanical energy. Of course, dirt, scratches, water and sun rays don't stand a chance either. No doubt: your watch rests safely here!

How do you choose a watch box or roll?

Decide on the shape, which can be slim and puristic or a solidly crafted designer piece, closed or open with a large viewing window, and the materials used. The box can be made of metal, wood or plastic on the outside, covered with leather or with a high-gloss finish. Some watch cases are lockable, some have an additional drawer for the watch strap.

Luxuriöse Leder Uhrenbox khaki grün Aufbewahrung für bis zu 3 Uhren von Sprezzi Fashion

Why is a watch roll a must-have for every watch collector?

  • Luxury watches require strong protection from external influences.
  • Safe storage of the watch is essential, especially when traveling.
  • The best place to store it is a watch roll or box.
  • What you choose depends on the number of watches you have and your taste.
  • The storage boxes are also real pieces of design.

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