Everything you need to know about silver and gold jewelry!

Real jewelry made of gold and silver is a lasting value that brings joy to many generations. The noble materials have been processed into handmade jewelry for centuries.

Siegelringe aus Silber und Gold

Real gold jewelry is an investment that lasts forever

The valuable precious metal gold has a warm glow and adapts perfectly to the respective skin tone. If gold jewelry is too expensive, it can be replaced with gold-plated silver jewelry (made of 925 sterling silver). Even with a smaller budget, 14 or 18k gold plating makes it possible for the jewelry to look like solid gold jewelry.

How long does gold-plated silver jewelry last?

Jewelry made with 18k gold does not last as long as solid gold jewelry. If the handmade jewelry is worn frequently, the surface of gold-plated silver jewelry will wear off within about two years (depending on the frequency and intensity of wear). The shelf life can be extended with proper care. Good news: if the surface fades, the gold plating can be replaced inexpensively by a jeweler or goldsmith.

Since the gold coating wears off easily, gold-plated silver jewelry should always be removed when showering to avoid clouding the surface. The water resistance depends on the thickness of the gold layer. If the gold plating is 2.0 microns thick or more , gold jewelry can generally be worn in water . So the quality here is in the details.

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How much is gold plated jewelry worth?

In terms of value, there is a difference between solid gold jewelry and gold plated jewelry. Gold-plated silver jewelry is enhanced by being coated with 18k gold. The precious metal composition can be recognized by a hallmark (925 stamp).

What is gold plating and how does it work?

When refining silver jewelry with gold, various techniques are used to ensure that the silver jewelry retains its value. Plating with gold gives handmade jewelry a more high-quality look. The oldest form of refinement is gold leaf gilding, in which gold leaf is polished onto the base of silver jewelry.

Handgemachter Männerschmuck

Gold leaves can also be welded onto sheet metal. By rolling the sheets together, the material is given the desired thickness for jewelry making. Gold plating is most commonly used for the production of gold-plated silver jewelry. The silver jewelry is immersed in a gold-cyanide bath. In the current bath, the gold sticks to the jewelry. The gold-plated silver jewelry resulting from this form of processing has the least durability. Since the silver layer shines through after a while, the jewelry loses its shine.

Silver shines coolly like the moonlight

Silver is not only very popular among women as designer jewelry . Men also appreciate elegant silver jewelry in the form of silver necklaces for men, silver rings for men and bracelets for men.

How does silver jewelry retain its value compared to stainless steel jewelry?

As a precious metal, silver is very stable in its value. In recent years, the price of silver and gold has risen steadily. Stainless steel costume jewelry is worth less than real silver jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry is in demand in everyday life because of its scratch resistance and durability. Stainless steel jewelry is not suitable as an investment. In our magazine you will find further articles on the advantages of silver jewelry and how to care for silver jewelry .

What is rhodium plated silver jewelry?

Rhodium-plated silver jewelry has a thin layer of rhodium on the surface. The transition metal rhodium, which has a silver-white color, is particularly hard. Rhodium-plated silver jewelry , such as silver rings for men, can therefore be exposed to great stress without the surface becoming scratched. Rhodium is bonded to the silver during electroplating. During this process, the metal ions harden on the surface of the jewelry and form a hard and resistant layer.

How can you recognize 925 Sterling Silver jewelry?

925 Sterling Silber Siegelring

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry consists of 92.5 percent of the precious metal silver and 7.5 percent of other jewelry materials. Today, instead of nickel, copper is mixed with the silver so that the rhodium-plated silver jewelry cannot cause allergies. The number 925 is affixed to the designer jewelry as a hallmark or embossing and enables the materials from which the jewelry is made to be clearly identified.

Advantages and disadvantages of silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is cheaper than real gold jewelry. The surface is not that scratch-resistant. When it comes to jewelry made of silver, it is better to avoid contact with salt or chlorine water.

Over time, silver jewelry can tarnish despite rhodium plating. With the right accessories and proper care, however, this can be quickly remedied and the jewelry will regain its original shine.

What is the difference between solid silver and 925 sterling silver jewelry?

Solid silver contains 99.9 percent silver. The soft material must be mixed with other metals to be sufficiently strong.

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry is made of silver and copper and is more durable.

5 facts about gold and silver jewelry

  1. Real jewelry made of gold and silver is a lasting value that has been handcrafted for centuries.
  2. Gold jewelry has a warm glow and blends perfectly with skin tone, while gold-plated silver jewelry offers a more cost-effective alternative.
  3. The shelf life of gold-plated silver jewelry is approximately two years, but can be extended with proper care.
  4. Silver jewelry is enduring in its value and is often plated with rhodium to ensure scratch resistance and durability.
  5. 925 sterling silver jewelry consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other materials such as copper, and is a cheaper alternative to solid silver, while gold jewelry is a long-term investment.

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