Silver meets gold

Best quality and serious craftsmanship at a fair price - Unlike many manufacturers, our men's jewelry is not made of brass, stainless steel or other non-precious metals. We rely on tested 925 silver! (More on this in the next section) Our gold jewelery also consists essentially of 925 silver and convinces with a thick 14 or 18 carat Real gold plating, also called micon plating. This type of production represents a more affordable alternative to solid gold. An additional rhodium coating of the silver protects many of our designs from wear and tear. However, it is also true that silver jewelery cannot be completely protected from scratches or tarnishing (oxidation) in the long term. Here we offer the right ones care products and accessories, with which you can make your jewelery shine again.

Herrenschmuck aus Silber und Gold

Silver jewelry and its value

Sterling Silver is a mix of 92.5% pure syllabler and 7.5% other precious metals resulting in cool elegance. In addition, we offer some products with an extra rhodium coating. This protects your piece of jewelery even more reliably against tarnishing and scratches. Sterling Silver is considered precious metal and is as such as high-quality to classify. Accordingly is our jewelry free of nickel or lead, hypoallergenic, durable and has a "real" value due to the silver.

For the production of the jewelry we therefore need "silver" as raw material. Despite the silver price development, we always try to keep our prices fair and as stable as possible. Likewise the weight and thus the quality of the products. For example, our last price increase at the end of the year coincided with the rhodium plating of our jewelry to improve longevity. Transparency is extremely important to us at this point!

Tested quality ✔️

Transparency and keeping our quality promise is important to us. That is why we regularly have the material of our jewelry checked in Germany by the testing center of the DEKRA testing.

The results: Our silver jewelry corresponds to the EU REACH regulation and falls below the limit values for heavy metals. In addition, the silver content of the 925 sterling silver in our jewelry is 931,5.

You can even download our test reports in German and English download!

Gold jewelry is not just gold jewelry

Unlike other providers we don't skimp on the gilding and do not use plated stainless steel or a thin 1.0 micron coating. Fine 925 Sterling Silver forms the inner core of our golden signet rings. Encased by a 2.0 micron thick layer of 14k or 18k gold. As a result, our gold jewelery is even more golden, more radiant and of higher quality.

Sprezzi® vs. other manufacturers

Years of experience

We are on the market since 2016 and have been working with precious metals ever since. This means that we have not only been able to further increase our skills and products over the years through relevant customer feedback. Win win! Our team is manageable, ours Numbers are limited - We focus on Quality not quantity. 


Most of the steps in the production of our jewelry are still happening per Hand. The stones for our signet rings are cut and set by hand. The surface structures, engravings and other details of the rings or bracelets are also "handmade". This craft and the love for quality, can occasionally lead to longer production times. You can find more about this in our FAQ under the point "Pre-Order".

Sprezzi® quality at a glance


  1. Real unique pieces made of natural stones
  2. Handcrafted engravings and textures
  3. Solid manufacturing - no cavities or cutouts
  4. Attention to detail & unique designs

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